Junction Boxes

Model PT100SB


Model PT100SB Summing Unit is designed and produced for the installer, with simple to reach and positive control trim pots for load measurement correction.

Fitted with liquid tight strain relief cable fittings, the PT100SB accepts a wide range of cable diameters.

Enclosed in a tough polycarbonate housing, easily accessible yet securely closed and positively sealed by way of its O ring screw on cover and external fixing holes.

This product contain an overall span trim to ease the requirements for indicator re-calibration after cornering.

The 6 and 8 way model contain section trim adjustment to enable trimming of load cell pairs or section along a weighbridge.


  • Truck Scales/weighbridges
  • Floor scales
  • Tanks and silos


  • Liquid tight strain relief cable fittings
  • Accepts cable from 3.5mm to 8mm diameter
  • Accepts 2 to 8 load cell inputs with section potentiometers in 6 and 8 way
  • Span adjustment potentiometers non-interactive
  • Mounted in weather tight enclosure
  • Sealed to IP66