Weigh Modules / Mount Assemblies

Model CellMate

Model CellMate™ is a superior load cell mounting assembly that dramatically simplifies load cell installation.

A perfect solution to vessel weighing in diaries, chemical, bottling, and food processing plants, stainless steel CellMate™ mounts can be used on tanks, silos, and many other weighing vessels and applications.

The CellMate™ assemblies are available in three models with weighing capacities from 5 to 5000 kg in stainless steel. Standard dimensions and hole sizes provide for fast and easy placement of load cells. Ideal for use with Tedea-Huntleigh’s line of hermetically sealed shear and bending beam load cells. CellMate™ includes an internal jack which enables users to install the fittings on silos or tanks with or without load cells.

  • Hostile environments applications
  • Process control
  • Batch weighing
  • Silo/hopper weighing
  • Belt scale weighing
  • Simplifies load cell installation on tanks, silos and other weighing vessels
  • 3 models suitable for load cell Models 3510, 3410, 3420 and 355
  • Accepts load cells ranging in capacity from 5 to 5,000 kg
  • Permanent protection against load cell damage
  • Grounding strap provides low resistance path to minimize electrical potentials
  • Provision for thermal expansion, contraction and lift-off due to winds or collision
  • Cable gland protector prevents cable damage
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Internal jack for load cell easy installation and replacing
  • Ball and cup version also available